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"Dear Dr. Schnier:  As you are aware, Neel (Mr. C) passed away peacefully on January 11, 2012 at home.  As we celebrated Neel and Harriett's 50th Wedding Anniversary on June 5th, we never would have dreamed what the next seven months would bring.

While Neel's path these past seven months was very difficult, with many disappointments and unexpected twist and turns, there was one constant that we could always count on...Dr. Gregory Schnier.  In the midst of chaos, we never doubted that the decisions you made were the right ones.  You always had Neel's best interest at the center of everything you did.  You took the time to explain things to us in a way that we could understand.  You patiently answered questions and offered straightforward factual information, even when it was not necessarily positive.

You honored and respected our desire to take Neel home for his final weeks, and made us feel as though we were not crazy for even thinking of doing so.  Your bedside manner and sense of humor were often just what we needed to get through a difficult situation.  Your medical expertise was clearly displayed time after time as we faced each new challenge.  We had complete trust in you, even when others were letting us down.

So thanks for everything you did to make Neel's final months as comfortable as possible.  Our "mystery man" has now moved on to a better place, and we will be forever grateful for everything you did to assist our family during this time."
Harriett, Tim and Lee Covington


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